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Driver Education Course.

Mature Driver Improvement Course.


Some units or chapters are very short and others are a little longer. When you have completed the course an email to our staff will automatically be generated and a completion certificate will be mailed to you.

Feel free to notify our office as soon as you complete the course and we will be on the lookout for that completion confirmation. IF YOU REGISTER WITH A WRONG ADDRESS OR LOSE YOUR CERTIFICATE, THERE WILL BE A $20.00 CHARGE FOR DUPLICATE CERTIFICATES.

New Teen Drivers
Before you take your permit test at the DMV be sure to read over the DMV HANDBOOK, the 46 questions come directly from this HANDBOOK! CALL OUR OFFICE RIGHT AWAY, 916-768-3446 or 530-470-3446, TO SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST DRIVE AND TO VALIDATE THAT PERMIT! Your permit is not valid without our instructors signature.

Mature Drivers
Take your completion certificate to your insurance agent to take advantage of available discounts. Please call our office, 916-768-3446 or 530-470-3446, for questions or assistance.