Driver Education Online. 

You pay $19.95 online here. This is a California State DMV approved course. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE YOU MUST COMPLETE A DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE TO APPLY AT DMV FOR YOUR PERMIT.

This 30 hour online course has been designed for our teen students. Many hours of research went into this course and we feel confident that our students will receive the foundation they need to begin their driving experience. Driver Education Online is now offered for $19.95 and you can easily pay online by clicking Driver Education Online above and enrolling with Empire Driving School now.


Driver Education In The Classroom 
Stay tuned for information on our next Classroom Driver Education. This is a California State DMV approved course. Most students seem to prefer the Online Driver Education Course making it difficult to get enough student participation to hold a class. IF YOU HAVE A GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND A CLASS, WE CAN DO THIS. CALL THE OFFICE AND LETS PLAN IT!

This 30 hour classroom course will require reservations. Please contact Empire Driving School Staff for more information and to enroll. Driver Education In The Classroom is currently being offered for only $100.00 and includes the California Highway Patrol Start Smart Program.
916-768-3446   OR    530-470-3446

SIX HOURS Behind The Wheel Driver Training
The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires a minimum of 6 hours behind the wheel training for teen drivers. This is a California State DMV approved course. This 6 hour course is delivered in three two-hour lessons. Call our staff with questions. 916-768-3446    OR     530-470-3446   $444.00

TWO HOURS Behind The Wheel Driver Training
Occasionally our students, teen and adult, need or want just one driving lesson or perhaps an additional driving lesson. This is sometimes used as a PAY AS YOU GO option. These lessons are custom designed to meet your needs and to address your concerns and are available at very reasonable rates. Empire Driving School staff will work with you to design the lesson. Contact our office today. 916-768-3446    OR     530-470-3446   $148.00

TWELVE HOURS Behind The Wheel Driver Training

Teen drivers must drive at least 50 hours with a licensed CA driver who is over 25 years old. Often the parents are able to work with their teens to fulfill this requirement.THE MORE YOU RIDE WITH YOUR CHILD, THE SAFER THEY WILL BE WHEN THEY ARE DRIVING ON THEIR OWN. Parents and teens sometimes choose to go with us for extra lessons. You are welcome to purchase as many as you need. This particular option of twelve hours is among the many options that are available. Empire Driving School staff will work with you to determine your particular needs. Contact our office staff and be sure to ask about any coupons or discounts that are available. 916-768-3446   OR   530-470-3446

Mature Driver Education Online
This is a California State DMV approved course. Similar to the AARP Mature Driver Improvement Course but online and in the comfort of your own home you can take this course at your own pace. Mature drivers, 55 years of age and older, who successfully complete an approved Driver Improvement Course can qualify for reduced motor vehicle insurance premiums by up to 19%. Contact your insurance company to determine your eligibility for these savings.

Some mature drivers are being asked to take their permit tests again after many years of driving. We are sure you are feeling frustrated but this course can help to refresh your memory of the rules of the road. DOWNLOAD THE DMV HANDBOOK OR GO TO A LOCAL DMV OFFICE TO OBTAIN A HANDBOOK AND OTHER HELPFUL PAMPHLETS DIRECTED TOWARD YOUR NEEDS. THE DMV SENIOR OMBUDSMAN PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE TO HELP YOU ALSO. The price of this online course is currently $19.95 and you can easily pay online now by clicking on Mature Driver Education Online above and enrolling with Empire Driving School. Contact our office staff for assistance with enrollment or any questions you may have. The phone numbers are    916-768-3446   OR   530-470-3446    and we are happy to help you. We also offer Behind the Wheel lessons for adults, let us know your needs.